Party Ice Tray (4 Moulds)

SKU: ZK154
UPC: 0851877021989
size: 3.20 W × 14.80 H × 13.10 L

Zoku’s set of four extra large word ice is the perfect addition to any glass. The Party Ice Set contains four stylized party themed phrases. The silicone tray is simple to fill and even simpler to remove by inverting the mold to release the ice—no rinsing required. toast!




Includes: 1 Silicone tray with 4 large word ice molds
Care: Hand Wash
Capacity: About 3 fl. oz. each
Model: ZK154

BPA and phthalate free


1. Fill molds with water
2. Freeze for 8+ hours
3. Push on the bottom of the molds to release ice—no rinsing required 
4. Pour drink over word ice

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