Jumbo Ice Trays (2 Pack)

SKU: ZK136
UPC: 8.51877E+11

Make perfect ice cubes using Zoku’s silicone Jumbo Ice Cube Trays. This space-saver pack of two molds makes six extra large ice cubes each and conveniently stacks on each other. The tightly sealed flavor-guard lid prevents freezer-tasting ice and spills while transporting to the freezer. Nearly flawless cubes easily remove by inverting the silicone mold—no rinsing required! 


Includes: 2 Silicone ice trays with 6 large ice molds each and 2 flavor guard lids
Care: Hand Wash
Capacity: About 2.75 fl. oz. each
Model: ZK136

BPA and phthalate free


1. Fill molds with water and place on flavor-guard lids 
2. Freeze for 8+ hours. After frozen remove lids from molds 
3. Push on the bottom of the molds to release ice—no rinsing required 
4. Pour drink over ice cubes

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