Kids Flip Gulp Bottle Red 475ml

UPC: 0815706021699
size: 7.40 W × 18.20 H × 8.20 L

For quick hydration,  the Flip Gulp's button activated, fully covered, high flow mouthpiece gets the job done. With it’s stylish, yet simple design, cleaning is easy since gunk has fewer parts and pieces to hide in.  Soft-touch carrying loop folds so it can stowaway in your lunch bag, backpack, or cupboard.

With Flip Gulp, mold never has an edge to cling to. Thoughtful design means less places for gunk to collect which means less cleaning for you. Dishwasher safe.


Product Information

Kids Flip Gulp Bottle - Red

Model #ZK202 RD



16oz / 475ml

Cap keeps high-flow mouthpiece clean

Soft-touch carrying loop

Lock prevents accidental leaks or spills

Easy to clean /dishwasher safe




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