Ring Pop Moulds (8 Moulds)

SKU: ZK133
UPC: 8.52E+11

Create up to eight different ring pops at a time with the Zoku Ring Pop Molds. 

Sparkle, shine, and dine with these wearable ice pop molds. Whether you want to pop the question or just enjoy a pop, this is the collection for you. Each set includes a mold that
makes eight (8) tasty two (2) ounce pops in your favorite flavors, including two different diamond-shaped jewels. Add juice, yogurt, pudding, smoothies, chocolate, or your favorite
recipe and place compact base in your freezer. Although diamonds are forever, these jewels will melt but not to worry, they have a built-in drip guard. BPA and phthalate free.

Product Details

Includes: 1 Mini Pop Mold, 8 Sticks with Drip Guards
Care: Hand Wash
Capacity: About 0.6 fl. oz. each
Model: ZK133
BPA and phthalate free.

How To

1. Pour chilled juice into the molds up to the fill line
2. Insert sticks
3. Freeze filled molds for 6+ hours
4. Pull out pop—no rinsing required

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