Shooter Ice Moulds (4 Moulds)

SKU: ZK140
UPC: 8.51877E+11

You’ve got one shot to get your hands on Zoku’s Shooter Ice Molds. Create edible, cooling shot glasses from ice, chocolate, or even candy. Simply fill the silicone molds with water or other liquids on the storage tray and freeze. Once frozen, easily remove the flexible silicone and pour your shooter. Whether sipping or shooting, your hands never have to get cold thanks to the shooter base. Impress your drinking buddies with this round on Zoku. Bottoms up!


Includes: 1 Storage tray, 4 shot glass molds, 4 shooter bases
Care: Hand Wash
Capacity: Holds 1 fl. oz. each
Dimensions: 9.7" x 2.8" x 3.8" 
Model: ZK140

BPA and phthalate free



1. Place silicone molds on storage tray and fill molds with water 
2. Place shooter bases on top of silicone and freeze for 8+ hours 
3. Using the silicone tabs, pull the silicone down to remove ice—no rinsing required
4. Pour shots and cheers!

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